Our Services

AM-line - Your integration partner from the Top-Floor to the Shop-Floor

MES implementations

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) enable real time documenting, controlling, and management of all manufacturing processes that includes machines, personnel, material and support services. The MES user domains are production, quality assurance, warehouse management and maintenance.

We design, develop and implement Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) solutions based on FORCAM Force and APRISO for all industries. Our MES solutions track activities and resources, link administration to the shop-floor activities, and are tightly integrated with ERP applications and PLM applications.

SAP implementations

We offer a broad range of highly experienced SAP consultants which support you in a professional manner from the beginning of your projects: - product selection, project planning, solution design, implementation, customizing, maintaining of the designed solution.

Our core competencies are based on the understanding of your overall business processes and the ability to implement an optimized SAP solution according to your needs. Profit from our expertise and know-how which is based on a huge number of successfully delivered projects. We will ensure that your projects are delivered on time and in budget!

Development support

Sometimes, customized software is unavoidable: in cases in which important processes cannot be covered or can be covered only inadequately by standard SAP or MES solutions, the development of a customized software program is the right approach to take.

We are your competent partner for customized solutions - If our approach inspires your confidence, we will be glad to assist you as a competent partner with the development of your customized software. We can provide comprehensive support for your project, from its conception, development, and installation to ongoing support and training for your staff.

Application management

It is our job to run and optimize business applications. We deal with Patching, Hot Fixing, Testing, Customizing and Individual Reporting/Statistics, Availability analyses and consultation, SLA on application level.

Our Service is “calculable”, meaning you benefit from being able to calculate and limit the costs which are arising after Go-Live for your solution. With our support, you are able to reduce the total costs of your Application Management.

We show you how: personally, directly and flexible. We offer support and the operation of applications during the entire life cycle of the product in order to let you focus on your core competencies.